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BI4Web. A component for every need

With BI4Web may have the analytical tools necessary to meet any need of information that has your organization


Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard

Build attractive dashboards, provided an overview of the functional areas of your business and explore the information to know the detail of every situation

Through the graphical components of BI4Web you can quantify their business metrics, reviewing trends and implement corrective measures necessary to ensure compliance with its objectives


Analysis of hierarchical structures

Through components BI4Web incorporating hierarchical structure to quickly determine, hidden patterns that could hardly analyze alternatives display

Fully interactive analysis models, which made efficient use of display space and allow the user to analyze concrete situations between large sets of information


Geopolitical analysis

Gallery BI4Web maps allows the management of strategic information of your company, associating the data obtained from its activity to a geographical representation

You can quantify the segmented business situation by acting areas such as sales densities by country or region, or the attainment of the objectives by area

It also allows the incorporation of fully customized maps or plans


Multidimensional analysis

BI4Web allows you to analyze information through the exchange of metrics and dimensions, with the possibility of representing it from different perspectives and at any level of detail, without need to generate information cubes



Have the necessary reports to navigate through large volumes of information and know in detail the progress of each activity

The BI4Web reporting tools, provide information at a detailed level focusing primarily on tabular formats

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