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In any company, you should take hundreds of decisions every day.

As businesses rely more on computer systems accumulate large amounts of information treated with the appropriate tool, provide the necessary knowledge for good decision making

Improve the quality of these business decisions has a strong direct impact on costs and income

With BI4Web Business Intelligence tool, you can equip your staff, the necessary to support them in decision-making tools, creating a flexible and dynamic company, and that decisions made more efficient and economical


Corporate profits

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Align decisions with company strategy
  • Centralize information in a single access point
  • Integrate information from different areas

Managing Director (CEO)

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know the real situation of your company
  • Explore the information to the smallest detail
  • Know the profitability of each area of ​​your company
  • Deviations or anomalies detected instantly
  • Set compare reality with expectations

Financial Management

  • Where Gano? Where can I lose?
  • Dispose of the trading account online
  • Detect deviations in your bottom
  • Know the age of the debt of its customers
  • Detect hidden costs
  • Know the status of your banking


  • What customer has a positive evolution?
  • What products should I promote?
  • Maximize relationships with customers
  • Know the evolution of sales
  • Know the risk before making a sale
  • Know the profitability of each of its customers


  • What if the trend? What if it reverse?
  • Control your market share
  • Check the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns impacts
  • Analyze the situation and the actions of its competence

Human Resources

  • Know the degree of staff satisfaction
  • Know the profitability of each resource
  • Control deviations staff absenteeism
  • Set ratios of job security
  • Check the effectiveness of training
  • Set goals premiums to promote efficiency and motivation
  • Set parameters to find the best candidate


  • Who should I buy? At what price? When?
  • Check the effectiveness of their suppliers and their response times
  • Check the stock and set optimal ratios
  • Analyze and optimize their budgets
  • Set ratios product quality


  • Am I overloaded with requests for reports?
  • Deliver the right information at the right time
  • Reduce the time reporting
  • Reduce cost of ownership and licensing
  • Consolidate information from different data sources
  • Improve implementation and installation times
  • Automate your analysis and reporting system
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