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BI4Web allows the company to have a complete business intelligence solution, efficient, secure and intuitive, through a scalable tool for analyzing and publishing web in mobility information. Providing your team with the necessary information and knowledge to manage decision-making, resulting in an agile and dynamic company.

BI4Web offers you diversal services such as bigdata, IOT and smartcities solutions, thanks to its powerful unlimited users license that will blast infomation to large volume of users and monetizing the existing information, converting the the data into an asset of the company and obtain new sources of income.


BIG Data is identified as the IT field that is going to have a greater impact on organizations.

Following the success of social networks or digital marketing, companies are now faced with the challenge of exploring and profiting from the vast amount of existing data.

BI4Web allows in analysis of the information contained in them different origins BIG Data and is converts in the Allied technological perfect for offer to the organizations a solution complete and fully adapted to their needs.

IoT & Smartcities

These technologies is based in the sensing and connection to Internet of all type of objects that we use in our life everyday.

The potential for the business world lies in the processing of all the information that these objects will be able to capture and disseminate.

BI4Web allows you to analyze and understand the amount of data that enterprises receive thanks to these technologies, facilitating better decision-making, the identification of new opportunities and better understand the behaviour of the consumer.

Monetization of data

Today the companies have in the depths of the technological ecosystem, some tremendous reservoir of data that are untapped.

BI4Web allows you to cover with guarantees projects based in the monetization of this information, and convert the data into an asset for the purpose of obtaining new business models.

BI Mobile

Provide access to information from anywhere, anytime.

BI4Web is fully adapted for the consumption of information through different mobile devices and provides to companies that implement it agility and capacity necessary for dynamic decisions in real time.

International Coverage

Be Intelligent around the world with us


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